Miscellaneous Packaging

Packaging Products

St. Tammany Box Company offers the latest technology in die-cutting, offering the client the closest tolerance and the greatest precision. We also have experience working with several different packaging materials to create a safe packaging solution to ship your products.

St. Tammany offers many options for you to customize your order. Surface choices for general corrugated boxes include brown kraft paper, or the mottle white (a.k.a. oyster white).

Printed Packaging Materials

If you plan on printing in color, the white paper works best. We offer up to 4 color process printing, allowing you to print whatever you would like on the boxes. With cost being a concern, we do offer single or double color printing processes as well.

There are many coatings available to choose from. Some of those available include moisture/oil resistance, gloss and fire retardant board. Each of these coatings can be applied to the finished product if requested.