Mil-Spec, Corrugated and Industrial Packaging

Mil-Spec, Corrugated and Industrial Packaging

St. Tammany Box Company is a woman-owned small business located in a HubZone, specializing in mil spec boxes and precision packaging solutions. St. Tammany has become a major competitor in the corrugated market through hard work and dedication to our trade. We also produce packaging solutions made from other materials, such as solid fiber, wooden boxes, cork, chipboard and foam.

Mil Spec Boxes and Packaging

In addition to servicing the industrial market for packaging needs, we produce close tolerance (+/- .010%) labor intensive Mil Spec packaging. With over 50 years of combined experience in the packaging field, we can help you find exactly what you need to accomplish your shipping goals.

Quality Control

St. Tammany provides quality service and packaging products for every customer, large or small, mil spec or commercial. We use a rigorous inspection process, visually and manually inspecting the boxes and products at every step of the manufacturing process to ensure the best quality.

When you speak to us, you gain a wealth of knowledge and insight into exactly what will suit your company best, in regards to boxes, packaging and cost. Get the right product for the job at the right price by calling us today at the home office, 601.799.0775. We look forward to building a strong, long-lasting business relationship with you.

Mil Spec Boxes & Packaging

The Mil Spec standard can be confusing and difficult to understand sometimes. Give us a call to ask any questions about any of the military specification standards that you may need to requisition for your product. We can help!