The St. Tammany Difference

At St. Tammany Box Company, we know that small differences can have a big impact. Throughout the ordering process, St. Tammany offers personalized service and competitive pricing. With the cost of fuel so high, St. Tammany calls around to several shipping partners to find the best price, although we only use shipping companies that we have long-standing relationships with, for reliability.

Throughout every process, St. Tammany visually and manually inspects the product to ensure the highest quality. True quality control occurs when the manufacturer is continually assessing the quality and condition of the packaging from raw materials to finished product. Not only does the manufacturer then catch issues before they become problems, but this also ensures that the run will produce the maximum finished products with the minimum defective material.

After the cardboard is die cut, we hand assemble the products using the specifications previously discussed. St. Tammany offers multiple color capabilities for printing graphics on your product. Also, after doing this for over 7 years, St. Tammany knows how best to load trucks with corrugated products to ensure your product doesn't get damaged in transit.

To find out more about why you should use St. Tammany Box Company for your next packaging project, or to find out pricing for an existing project, call or contact our office today (601.799.0775).

Manufacturing Packaging Products

Every piece to be manufactured goes through die cutters for the exact shape and size. We build custom jigs for every job so every piece is exactly the same. Each piece fits the exact specifications, and the tolerance remains precise.

To maintain the highest level of comfort for our employees, all production processes possible are completed in air-conditioned rooms, in comfort.